Back on the road… Kind of.

The last gig we played was in London back in November. We ended 2015 in Hoxton on the night Tyson Fury took over the world and Sheffield’s own Jamie Vardy broke that Premier League record.

On Thursday of last week we were back, this time in Camden. There’s the usual (or unusual) tales of been on the road to tell, but we’ll leave that for now. The Black Heart was full of old and new faces in the crowd, it gave us a chance to debut some new material – all of which went down well.

The gig was the perfect warm up for the show we’ve been grafting for since we started the band. Three years ago this month we were buzzed to have sold out our first ever gig in front of 100 people, next Saturday we play a sold out Leadmill with 900 people packed in to hear our songs. Dreams, eh?

If you haven’t got a ticket, keep an eye across our social media throughout the week and next Saturday. We’ll post as much as we can for all to see.

If you’ve got a ticket, see you in 7 days. You’re in for something special.