What a wonderful year it has been…

Firstly we’ve got to say thank you. We won’t draw it out and give you every single reason, but thank you if you made the effort to watch us live, listen to us and buy the music we work so hard to make. Huge thanks to our Tour Manager Jimmy for driving us all around the country at daft hours, and to Jason who constantly delivers with the photography.

We’ve now played our last gig of the year (that isn’t us over and done with for 2015 just yet though) but they weren’t all as good as they finished this month. We’ve travelled miles in a freezing van to go and play to empty rooms and sound engineers, and we’ve had nightmare shows with technical difficulties and strings snapping at the worst times – but we’ve enjoyed it all and it’s all made us a better band.

Playing the Isle of Wight Festival was something else, playing support on a few tours like The View’s was class and sold out shows in Sheffield and London did really overwhelm us. Check out all the pictures on our Gallery page and that’ll show you what a year we’ve had! We have had to sensor this though, things did get weird at points…

Onto 2016 and we can’t wait. We’ve already got things lined up which we wish we could do tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow (Monday 30th November), we are going to announce the biggest and best thing we plan to do yet.

Have a great Christmas (our EP and new t-shirts would go down an absolute storm by the way as gifts) and we will see you very soon.